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Hi all,


I have this problem: I'm creating a functional global variable that creates a 3d scene with x,y,z axes, then updates it adding 110 little 3d spheres. My problem is that when I create the scene with axes the result is a scene node refnum, and so I cannot add to this scene the spheres, because their property is scene object refnum. How could I manage it?


Here's the vi. The main is called Main


Thank you!



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Are you sure your code isn't casting to a SceneNode somewhere.  I thought it should be a SceneObject type.... Check the terminal on your global.....

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Pay Attention to your SubVI's: SceneObject is coerced to SceneNode refnum when wired to 3D Picture
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Like, for example?

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Yes, sure, but I have to produce a 3d picture, not a scene object! How can I do?

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They've answered your question. You already know how to produce a 3D picture from a sceneobject (you're following the 3D solar system example vi that ships with LV, right?)

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No, I'm not following that example.

I don't know how to solve the coercitions...

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Instead of having a 3D picture as a terminal on your sub-VI right-click the wire from the axis and select "Create Indocator".  then delete the 3D picture on your sub-VI and use the newly-created control instead.



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Ok, but it creates a scene object, not a 3d picture... ok, I could use only scene objects, but then I have to "convert" them into a 3d picture, and I don't know how to do this..! 🙂

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