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3D Plot Color Ramp - Colors to Values

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@Alisha P wrote:

Realized I didn't attach the VI - sorry.

Could you please attach v 2010 compatible VI or snippet.

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Accepted by topic author battler.

Using the index values to do the math does get exact numbers. Hopefully, this works for you!

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Thanks Alisha.


That's a nice work-around.

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I'm reading this post two months later, with some of the same needs. But in my case I want to use an array that I already possess, to set up the color ramp for my 3-D graph. But can you explain to me what the index numbers mean? I downloaded and looked at the example you gave. But what does an index value of 255 mean in reference to a color table of six colors? Or a Z axis that ranges from 0 to 10? Is 255 just the universal size of a color ramp?



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OK, I think I found the answer to my last question. 255 is indeed the automatic size of the color table, and color indexes are given in reference to that number.


But now I have another question: supposing that my color scale ranges from dark blue to light green, II would like to tell the graph is that dark blue refers to a Z value of -2 (or anything less), while light green refers to a Z value of +3 (or anything greater). I can use property nodes to do that to the Z scale itself, but the colors seem to autoscale independently in some way that I don't understand. Is there any way to override the autoscaling of the colors?




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The color mapping depends on your input. You cannot fix the Z value to a certain color. That's a feature missed. If your input's min-Z is -2 and max-Z is +3, then it matches.

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