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3D Picture - Multiple Lights

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There's a way to apply different lights (combine colors) on the same textured object? I'd tried couple of things, but none of them give me the expected result.


Look the attachment.


PS: Using LabVIEW 2015.

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Hey xChiron,


Good News my friend!! There is a way to do this!! Smiley Very Happy


If you open the example "Light a Scene" (you can find it in the NI Example Finder), you will notice that there's 2 light soucres (Fixed Light and Rotating Lights).


I used the same Idea of this example to modify your code and get the following result


2 spotlights.PNG


There's more work to do in the code to meet your needs, but I'm sure that this is a good starting point for you!!


I attached the modified code for you to test.


Best Regards!



Felipe Flores
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Oh thanks. The composition order on BD always confuses me 😞


Here's the final effect. 


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