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2D graphics

Hello there, I am quite new to Labview, so would like to ask if there is any function to draw in the front panel? For example, if I was to code a position finder (using a couple of sound receivers and an emitter which position I am to find and getting its distance to every receiver), would it be possible to show its position on the X-Y plane? 

Also, as the position itself is 3D, I thought about changing the colour of the dot with regards to the height. Is it doable? 

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On the first page of the Forums, there are links for Learning LabVIEW.  Suppose you wanted to program in Java, C++, or Matlab?  Wouldn't you try to learn something about the language first?  LabVIEW may be more intuitive than some text-based Languages, and has pretty good on-line Help, but there's nothing like spending a few hours reading the Tutorial material and then trying out what you've learned by writing very simple LabVIEW code.


Give it a try.  I'm pretty sure you'll be able to answer your own question (and will learn a lot more in the process) by making a small time and effort investment.


Bob Schor

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You cannot draw directly to the front panel (see also this idea :D), but you can use a picture indicator and draw anything you want on it using a rich set of tools. See how far you get. 😄


Another option would be an intensity graph where you would simply replace elements at a certain positions with values corresponding to a certain color in the color ramp. An intensity graph is a simple numeric 2D array where x and y corresponds to the indices (potentially mapped linearly with x0,dx scaling factors) and the element value is z.

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You can even use the picture layers that most graphs have.


Very convenient, as you can use the scaling of the graphs, and still draw anything you want with that scaling. Sometimes the best of two worlds...

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