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2D Vector Antenna in LabView

I have 1 transmitted channel and 4 receiving channels on Uniform Linear Array (ULA) and I am using the MUSIC algorithm to determine the AoA of the incoming signals in LabView. Now I want to use the 2D vector antenna instead of the ULA. I am not sure how can I code the steering vector for the Vector antenna?. In ULA, I have one angle to search which is the azimuth angle but for the 2D vector antenna, I have to search for the azimuth angle and the elevation angle. Also, how can I display the two angles in 2d surface, like one axis for the azimuth angle and the other axis for the elevation angle?

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Too many acronyms for most of your post, but to display a 2D surface z(x,y) you can use an intensity graph or one of the 3D surface graphs. What kind of "search" is involved in the algorithm?

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Its the search of Angle of Arrival (the azimuth angle and the elevation angle) using the MUSIC Algorithm.....Like how to implement the VA based MUSIC angle searching? 

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