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2 or more vision acquisition

Hi guys,


I have a vision express acquisition function working fine with front panel dials to alter it's settings etc. Is it possible to put in a second vision express acquisition function and somehow link the settings chosen from the first one and input into the second? In other words, link both together so that whatever I choose for the first one applies to the second?

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Thanks for your posting here. Could you explain more about what you are looking for that I can help you better?





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Hi again,


I checked it for you and unfortunately it is not possible. The express vi's are for the simple test and are fixed. They don't have and properties output which you need to use for any linking for example. 

You can use other vision functions to do that, but you need a little bit experience in LabVIEW programming. 

I think that you can check the Example Finder under Help in LabVIEW too.


Good luck and if you have any question don't hesitate to ask.


Best regards,


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