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-18002 Error on a VI call by TS



In a sequence created by TS (see TS.PNG) I call the same vi, obviously not at the same time, but in two different ways, one as a numeric limit test, the other as an action since during the Main Sequence I need to check the output values in some part of my code, but other times I am not interested in them. The strange issue is that while the Numeric limit Test goes well without problem, the action one gives me always an error (see Error.PNG) that I do not understand. I have already checked all the parameters that passes in and out the VI from TestStand and there is no difference between the two Steps. Moreover, in both cases, I call the steps in a new thread sequence. Since the two step types have the same parameters and they are called in the same way, what is the reason of this error?

I attach here also two versions of the vi.


Thank you for the help!


Best Regards,


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