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I am using DPO7000 Tektronix scope, had some working setup and capture function. They all started failing with "Error -1073807265 occured at VISA Clear..".


Does anyone out there know what is the meaning of this error. Can talk to the scope using Measurement and InNstrumenetation (in other words it is on the VISA address).


Thanks for your help,


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Did you try searching for that error? You can also right-click on an error cluster and select "Explain Error".


Searching the web site yields, unsurprisingly, a page that defines that error:


Without seeing any code I'm guessing a wrong/missing wire, or passing a wrong value to a subVI.

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Yes, surprisingly! I had checked the website, but as I mentioned the address seems to be ok, as communication through Measurement and Instrumentation tool is fine.

So I am trying to see if there are other reasons. I have added an open VISA session just to be sure and the error just changes to -1074000000, which I could not find on NI website.

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Accepted by topic author Roxanne

An error cluster with the code of -1074000000 yields:


Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW:  Instrument error query failure

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