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search and read from an excel file

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Hello everyone, i was wondering if it is possible to make a labview code that reads data from a specified column on a excel file(or CSV), by searching for that column by name and not by index, and then importing its data.


As of now I'm using this code that extracts data by index (2,3 in the example shown below) but i want to make it more dynamic so other colleagues can use their own csv/excel files and won't have to change the index of the code incase their csv's are built differently  

Thank you. 





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You can use an excel template file to name cells. In that way you can read by name.

Only problem is that if the customer changes the names you need that new template.


greetings from the Netherlands
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Hi Albert, yeah i'm kinda having trouble with the "read by name" part (cells are already named), I'd really appreciate your help if you have an idea.

Thank you 

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It is a long time, since I used that.
We had customers that wanted to change layout and colors, so we used a template excel to keep them compliant.


So if you send your vi instead of pictures of a part of the vi, maybe I can find a problem.

Best a vi with data and an excel file,

greetings from the Netherlands
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