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how to send a message in BT message box

anybody can help me please?
Is it possible to send data from the Nxt to lapview( for example the distance form the ultrasonic sensor) while the programm is running on the nxt?
I tried it with BT messages but it didn't work.
And I don't want to use the direkt commands.
Or that message boxes just exist to communicate to between , or to another Nxt.
Thanks for your help
kind regards
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It seems obvious that you need two VIs, one on the nxt and one for the computer...

First the one for labview, here you have to open a BT connection with the VIs given in the add-on (scan for NXT, then creat NXT object) , and in a "while loop" put a read BT VI.

Normaly, if you open the connection from the computer, the computer will be the master.

On the NXT, in the "while loop" to send to the master you need to put a "NXT_WriteMessage.VI" (in the add-on) and send the message to "connection 0" "mailbox 1", that's the master's connection.

That should work...


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