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Silent install Lego Mindstorms

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I want to silent install the teacher edition of Lego Mindstorms EV3 Education. But I can't get it to work.

I use the commandline: setup.exe specfile /q /acceptlicenses yes /r:n

I've used this Specfile:


; --------------------------  How to use this file  ---------------------------------
; To run this installer in quiet mode:
; 1. Edit the information below to match your company information and install location.
; 2. Run : setup.exe <path to this file> /q /AcceptLicenses yes. Passing the value "yes"
;    to the /AcceptLicenses parameter indicates that you agree with the license agreements.
;    Alternatively, instead of /q, /qb can be used to run the installer in basic UI mode.
; 3. The installer will automatically restart your system after the installation is done.
;    To prevent the restart use the command line : setup.exe <path to this file> /r:n /q /AcceptLicenses yes
; For more information on installation automation visit and enter the infocode exdir3.

; --------------------------  Set feature states  ---------------------------------
;    The valid feature states are: Local, Absent, NoChange, Default
;    Local  - Install it (on the local hard drive). If already installed leave it installed.
;    Absent - Do not install it. If already installed uninstall it.
;    NoChange - Do not install it. If already installed, leave it installed.
;    Default is equivalent to not listing the feature in this file. The feature follows its default behavior.
;    To install EV3 in Student mode, remove the "EV3_EDU_Mode" setting on line 24 by deleting the entire line.


; --------------------------  Set install directories  ---------------------------------
; *** To use the default paths, remove the following section***


; --------------------------  Set general installation settings  ---------------------------------
;uncomment one of the following lines for student vs teacher install


If I add =Local to the features-syntaxes it returns with an error when trying to install it, saying it is a bad syntax.

When I install it silent with the specfile, Lego Mindstorms installs the student edition.

If I try to create a new specfile with setup.exe /generatespecfile, the setup-process crashes.

So what am I doing wrong?

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Accepted by topic author VibekeS

Apparently it depends on the version you are trying to install, thus you need to reflect that version in the Features section.  For example, I was trying to setup version 1.2.1 today and it was not working until I did the following:




changed to




And now the silent install works correclty.

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Thank you for your answer.

Lego gave me the same answer a while ago. I just forgot to put the answer in here, but now it is here, if anyone else run into the same issueSmiley Happy

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