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NXT/EV3 Bluetooth Connection Application EXE.

I'm trying to do make an EXE File with the Application Builder but the Bluetooth Connection dont work in the Exe File.

When i start the VI i got the Find NXT/EV3 Option where i can search and connect the bluetooth EV3.

But when i start my EXE, the text fields are empty.


Who can help ?

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from what I know Mindstorm Module was never intended to be built into executables - thus several functions throw errors after exe compilation. Nevertheless you can have a try following this KB:



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Hi, i am very interessed in what this open document would suggest to do in order to allow compiling an exe containing LEGO Minstorms NXT/EV3 code. The Link is broken, can you provide a new link to this document or provide the document?

Thanks, and greetings from Germany

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