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Is Mindstorms NXT 2.0 still being used?

I have pretty complete set of hardware, currently for sale on Ebay for the second time.  If it doesn't sell, I would like to give it to some deserving school or club, but I am not sure if it is relevant anymore.

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As far as I know, the 'current' version is EV3(quick search didn't find anything after that model), which came out in 2013; so, I doubt it is being used a great deal, aside from those who bought one before Lego started selling the EV3 (NXT2 was only around for ~4 years before its predecessor)


I personally was a big fan of it, and sad the see them now using something that looks like (or is a version of?) Google's Blockly. I guess maybe they wanted something simpler.


If you find a club or school that could use it, certainly go that route. If not, I have a niece that would probably love it, and an uncle that so her all sorts of neat things (was almost considering the EV3, but I almost don't even want her to see Blocky... I may be biased 😉 )

Good luck in your search, and if you really have no were else to send it, I would be willing to pay for it to be shipped (which probably wouldn't be a huge difference than buying it off eBay where it's ~$40 in a lot of cases, but I'm assuming you know yours is functioning).



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I have actually the original first Lego Mindstorms still in a box in my cabinet. It's actually a nice thing and I used it mainly with LabVIEW, not the Mindstorms LabVIEW derived environment. The only problem I have is that the motors for that were kind of weak and also not quite of sound quality.

Without having them ever stressed very much, they appear to have mechanical issues. A few years back I tried to look at the kit and test the components and one of the two motors did not work anymore. I opened it up and found that its rotor was somehow uncentered so it was actually pushing against the stator and there wasn't an easy way to fix it. Looking on internet it seemed that this is a fairly common problem with those motors after having been sat unused for a few years in the box.  

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