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Impossible system for students to load, learn and utilize easily for FIRST

Labview for FIRST has to be the most horrible decision anyone has ever made in FIRST.  My son is a programmer and even after multiple attempts of using the code we were given by the team, AND then myself an engineer applied for access for an evaluation copy have struggled for him to be able to spend any time outside a singular school computer to work on the robot program.  Often he just sits and watches the mentors program because he doesnt have the computer to use or learn on.  N.I. should be ashamed of themselves after all the money force by FIRST to spend on NI hardware and software by parents to help get their students to learn.    We easily obtained copies of Autodesk Inventor to use to learn on and had easy and prompt support.   Autodesk understands that if students can learn their systems they will want their systems.    The best lesson taught by NI is to never use labview or purchase NI hardware unless you are forced to by FIRST.

Errors, Faults, Unknown Login (even though its there!), hang ups during authorization requiring reboots.

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Your team's LabVIEW Serial Number is capable of activating LabVIEW on your son's computer. The FRC Licenses are "classroom licenses" specifically so that team members can install LabVIEW on their computers to practice LabVIEW outside of the team's robot. They are good for a full year, so as long as they stay on an FRC team they'll have a LabVIEW license available for their own use.

As for prompt support, give us a call at 866-511-6285. That's our support line specifically for FRC, our FRC support hours are 1pm-7pm CST. We'd love to help your student get set up with LabVIEW on their computer.

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