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How to changes values during debugging


I've created a very simple VI for my NXT roboter. It consists of a simple while loop
where I've placed the output sensor "Sync Unlimited" connected to the input
Touch sensor which in turn terminates the loop when the input mode "Pressed"
has been detected. The goal is to let the roboter move as long as it touches
an obstacle.

This works fine when run on the roboter. My question is how to simulate it
with different scenarios. I've started the debug mode and can see the sequence flow.
The simulation assumes that the touch sensor has been not touched so it never
outputs the value "Yes" which would terminate the loop. So, the loop never terminates.

How can I during debuging change the input values of a sensor? I would like to simulate
"Pressed" for my touch sensor so that it outputs the value "Yes".

Best regards,

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