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Does anyone know how to connect (DAISY CHAIN) 2X Brick together using only USB ports? This is in order of getting more sensor ports (4+4)

I have learn that it is possible to add in series 2 or more EV3 bricks thru the USB ports (PC <-->EV3#1 <--> EV3#2). In this later case, the software used is the LEGO mindstorm software. But I wonder if somebody succeeded to make something equivalant with Labview. There is well a pretty good interface developped into Labview (Robot Project Center &Schematic editor) by which we may believe that this could be possible (see upper right corner of the Labview schematic Editor). But the selector does work only for the Master, neither for Slave Laer 1 to 4. Any idea how to work with ?? Thanks!

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In LV4E 2014 the schematic editor offers 4 layers for 1 Master- + 3 Slave-Bricks (EV3-Bricks).

Can anyone offer a smart example with daisy chained EV3-Bricks, motors and sensors under LV4E?

Thanks andi Pi

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