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Creating New Blocks for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT

During creation of new block I have a problems with initializaion of global variable for NXTCommLSWrite.
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I read the "Creating LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Software Blocks" and follow it's steps  to do,I create a New Block Using the New NXT BLOCK wIzard,it's succeed.But when I follow the steps below,open with LaBVIEW,I can not follow the second step. " On the block diagram double-click to open the Simple Sensor Sub VI". Because when I open the NewBlock only have front  panel,and do not see block diagram,so I can not find the Simle Sensor Sub VI block to click it. I am using LabVIEW 7.1 with LEGO MINDSTORMS tools kits.
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I'm a veteran to Labview (started with version 4.0), but I'm new to NTX and feel like I do not know anything. Any of the posted examples in this thead or any other thread wont compile on our system. I have LV 8.6 on my laptop and at the schollwe have 8.5 - eihter one fails when we try to download the VI's to the NTX. Mainly it wont accept any VI that is passowrd protected or has an array/loop function in it. I'm getting to the point that I believe that our firmware must be really old (we have 1.21) or some other really stupid issue. I hate to admit it, but I'm lost at the moment. Any help is greatly appreciated


Helmer Andersen 

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Newer LEGO/HiTechnic Sensors: Are they supported in the LabVIEW NXT Toolkit?  Specifically, I want to use the new Compass, Gyro, Acceleration, and IR Communication sensors with my NXT.  I found the NXT-G blocks available to download on the HiTechnic website.  But I like using LabVIEW to program my NXT.  Is there an updated NXT Toolkit or a patch for it that adds that functionality?  


Thanks   -David

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I belive firmware v1.21 is the most recent one out there for FRC robots.  My kids don't compete in FRC, so I only have experience with 1.05 firmware. 


Do you have the NXT Toolkit ( and have you mass compiled it?  Do the simple examples in Getting Started ( work?


One of the problems you may be encountering is that the NXT only does integer math and only supports a subset of the functions available in LabVIEW.  Therefore, any vi which contains any other function will generate an error.

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Found my own solution (again).  The folks at HiTechnic emailed me the VI's that work for (most) of these sensors.  How kind..
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When I created new block I used c code with CIN. I was able to import the block in to NXT-G programming environment, but when I tried to compile a code where my own block was also included, I got the error message: Internal compiler error.  Error code: 5017.

Is it so that I can't use external code ( C ) when I use labview toolkit for programming Lego Mindstorms NXT?

I also wondering why I was able to import the block in NXT if it doesn't  work?


Hopefully someone can answer to me 

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I want to create a new block that can automatically upload a txt file to my computer after it is written to flash memory in NXT. Anyone can help me to do that by using LABVIEW toolkit for NXT?Thanks

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Hi everyone. I have a few questions that I'm hoping someone will be able to assist me with.


First, I've read through the NXT_Creating_Mindstorms_Block.pdf but was unsuccessful in seeing the changes I had made while following the tutorial step by step. I'm not having any luck figuring out where I went wrong. The changes I made to the implementation, config, and draw vi's following the tutoial did not come through when the block was imported into the NXT Software. Has anyone else had this trouble? Does anyone have any experience with creating a new block in LabVIEW and importing it into LEGO? Perhaps using the output block template?


Second, my ultimate goal is to integrate a linear actuator with the LEGO NXT software. Has anyone successfully modified an existing block? I think my best course of action would be to simply modify the existing motor block in the Toolkit. Does anyone know how to go about this? I can find the but not the config or draw vi's that would need to be imported into the NXT software with the existing I looked for them in the addon Toolkit vi.lib folder. I could try using the output block template from the Create Block Wizard and simply copy the into the implementation block. But, then I come across the problem of ensuring the config and draw vi's match what is in the implementation vi.


Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.



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The Lego NXT software release (not toolkit) is a wonderful interactive environment, that should be provided as an add-on application

on its own, call it "block application builder".  I see many useful applications in a variety of different industries where businesses wish to extend to their customers interactive and intuitive interface that they can program in their desired configuration of the product's behavior according to their own use cases. That means we need an environment where we can prepackage blocks that is functionally specific to their applications, with ability to sequence them, run them in parallel, add conditional runs, and iterative loops.

The blocks themselves could be computational in nature, or additionally provide user interface popups for interrogating the user, and have access to the full range of Labview functionality. Each block properties settings can appear as front panel settings for user to customize the behavior of that block. This is exactly how the

Log mindstorm software was configured, except we ask that you extend the availability of that functionality for the general users to develop their own intuitive applications

using the same environment design. This application can target building the customer created sequence of operations as a windows .exe, .dll, or as target for embedded environment ARM or Blackfin. We also would like to customize the menus in the application. In other words, make the Lego mindstorm application a generic template for

us to develop our own applications with similar intuitive framework.


Please make this happen, it will bring about a lot of good.

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