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Time on X-Axis of Graph

Time on X-Axis of Graph



how can I use time stamp data on the x-axis of a graph (or chart) ? 

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Re: Time on X-Axis of Graph

Hi tibet,


if you are using a waveform datatype you can access the timestamp with the "get waveform attributes" VI. If you are not using this datatype please give us some more detailed information or attach your VI please.






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Re: Time on X-Axis of Graph

Let me point out one thing first :


I'm talking about graphs in "Labview UI Builder".


Like this I'm having some problems to find the VI you mention.


What I'm trying to do is just to read some y- and x-data from a webservice (y-data is double, x-data should be a time/date-format) and use them to display the data in a graph under Labview-UI-Builder.

Something similar seems to be done also here


in the pipeline monitor example ...


Or is the x-axis here invisible and just some text is used in order to update the value on the left and right side ?


 So please let me kow where to find the VI you mention in Labview UI-Builder - or let me know how to use time-/date-format in connection with a graph in Labview UI-Builder ...


P.S.: It would be a good idea imho if the examples on this website mentioned above would be provided as examples ... 

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Re: Time on X-Axis of Graph

Hi again, 


I talked about normal LabVIEW, sorry.


Currently the Web UI Builder does not support Timestamps. It is on a list of features to be implemented, but currently we don't have the capability.


We can implement a 'workaround' of sorts where we bundle a time with the data and then plot it on the waveform graph. We can set the wait (ms) function to correspond with a certain timestamp. Below is what I did to modify the X-axis:







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Re: Time on X-Axis of Graph



The pipeline monitor example you mentioned does, in fact, use the workaround that Michael mentioned and in addition hides the x scale and instead shows two text indicators. These are updated programatically with the current time on the right side and the corresponding start time on the left side by subtracting from the current time the correct amount depending on the x scale min/max.



Diya Jakkidi

LabVIEW Web UI Builder R&D

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Re: Time on X-Axis of Graph

Thank you for the feedback !


Is the assumption correct that the time/date in the pipeline monitor example is delivered via a webservice ?


Could you give a roadmap which features will come in the next quarters with regard to the graph/chart-vi ?



One further question - is it possible to get a value of the x and y-coordinate of the cursor in the graph back in the block diagram in order to use this information for further processing ? 

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Re: Time on X-Axis of Graph

You can actually get the current time by doing a little scripting like my example here:

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