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Help needed setting up WebUI for Wireless Gateway

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Help needed setting up WebUI for Wireless Gateway

I have a problem setting up a webUI for my demo project.


I am just doing a simple WSN application measuring temperature on a WSN-3121 thermocouple node, and logging it on a wireless RT gateway NI 9792.


Then I wanted to create a web UI for it, and display whats in the gateway's UI - see project.


SO I'm coming up stuck with the web UI.  I've tried reading as much as I can but I still dont know what I'm doing wrong.


As far as I can see, I need to create a web service in the build specs for my gateway, and place the as the vi to use.  Then build it, and deploy it.  Once that has happened and I run the vi on the gateway, I created a webUI as shown in the pic, where it imports the web service from the gateway using - that works fine.


When I run the webUI, it just sits there and times out.


I am using LAbview 2010.  Please help.

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Accepted by topic author markza
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Re: Help needed setting up WebUI for Wireless Gateway

Hello markza,


Your approach to using Web UI Builder and understanding its use case is exactly right, the issue lies in the web service you have deployed. The VI you are building as a web service, i.e., has while loops in it and hence cannot be used as a web service. The reason for the timeout is that your UI Builder app is calling the LV2010 web service and is getting stuck there waiting for the while loops to complete. Also, the cluster datatype is not supported in Web UI Builder so you would have to break up the Wireless Node Sampling Time input into two separate numeric inputs.


I would recommend creating a subVI out of your code inside the inner while loop in This subVI should have two numeric inputs to replace the cluster (as mentioned above) and not have either of the Start or Stop boolean inputs. Outputs would stay the same i.e. two doubles and a boolean.


Let me know if that helps you and if you have any further questions.



Diya Jakkidi

LabVIEW Web UI Builder R&D

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Re: Help needed setting up WebUI for Wireless Gateway

Thanks Diya M,  worked after this!!


The cluster was actually a that ended up not being a problem regardless.


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