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Low-cost motion control

Hi everyone,
I would like to build a low cost motion control for positioning using micro-controller.

Coordinates receive from LabView via serial communication for positioning. 
I plan to use Arduino+Ramps 1.4 because it can 5 control stepper motors, axis (x,y,z), E0 & E1. 
Planned axis setup to the platform is X1,X2,Y,Z, rotatable axis.
In total 4 axis & 1 rotatable axis. 

Is this concept can be done?



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Hi all !


Please advise me to merge these two vi's. I want to have Inspection controls and G-code sender controls on one front panel. I have tried to copy palettes from one to other, but the front panel will stuck.

I think they cannot run simultaneously, so i need suggestions to overcome the stuck problem but getting Inspection controls and G-code sender controls out on one front panel.


Thanks in advance.


*G-code sender is from LabVIEW G-code Sender Thanks to おおはし it is really help me a lot 

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Hi again.


I have tried this method and the program runs okay. If there is a more effective approach, please advise me. 


Now I am trying to use (Measure) command in G-code sender to switch inspection steps



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