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Error 5005

I uploaded the "Blink Sketch" on my Arduino UNO using the SERIAL COM4, and it worked fine.
But, when I upload LVIFA_Base.pde and run the "Simple" (or another vi), it retuns ERROR 5005, but my arduino is conected on my notebook and work fine with Arduino IDE.
I followed the steps on "LabVIEW Interface for Arduino Setup Procedure" and after "Why Do I Get Error 5005 When Using the LabVIEW Interface for Arduino?" but the error persists.

Somebody have a idea to solve?

Board Arduino: UNO
IDE Arduino 1.0
WinXp Professional SP3 V.2002
VIPM 2011.0.1 (build 1692)
LabView 11.0 (32-bit)
VISA 5.0.3

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I' also using WinXp Professional SP3 and had the same problem. If everything else is OK ie. port # etc then unplug the arduino from your computer and plug it in again. That sould fix the problem.

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I tried unplug and plug it again without success...

BUT, it works when I create two constants and set then:

"VISA Resource" (COM4 in my case);

"Baud Rate" (115200 in my case);

Like another discussion post says -

Problem Fixed

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