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How to use multiple source waveform in a digital pattern of digital pattern editor

I'm trying to make a digital pattern to use I2C communication


I want to dynamically change slave address and register address when I try to reading some data from external devices


So I make 2 individual source waveform, "SLAVE_ADDR" and "REGISTER_ADDR"

But It cause below error


Error Bursting Pattern
The waveforms to be sourced have inconsistent configurations. Ensure that all of the source waveforms used in the pattern(s) to be burst have the same configuration.

Waveform Name: REGISTER_ADDR


I arrange opcodes like below image



I can find out removing one of them solve the issue, but in this case I have to use only one tdms file mixed with different concept, slave address and register address

Is there any recommended way to use multiple dynamic source waveform? 

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