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framing error when trying to read large amount of data. (between 2-pc)

i've got  framing error when trying to read large amount of data. And setting the buffer size didn't help me. any suggestions ?

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A framing error usually means a mismatch in com settings.

What do you mean by large amount of data?
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Am sure that the com settings are matched, I mean data larger than 4096 byte (the default value of FIFO buffer). 

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At what baud rate? Can you break it into smaller packets? Are you doing any handshaking? Over what distance? Are you using USB converters?

Why are you even doing this over RS232? Using ethermet is so much faster and more robust.
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At 115200. no i can't , no handshaking, over 1 m, yes .
it's my 2'nd step to use ethermet. but, now i want to do it using RS232 . thanks 4 ur reply

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Slow it down, use handshaking, and make sure you have a very good, shielded cable.

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I rarely trust USB to Serial adapters.  Just haven't had any luck with them.  If you plan to go to ethernet anyways, just do it now.  TCP/IP is faster, can travel farther, and is a lot more expandable.

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