Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

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I having trouble communicating with very old GPIB
hardware (circa 1980). When I send bytes using
ibwrt(), the instrument is left "listening". I
have set ibeot on for the board, but when I examine
the GPIB lines (iblines) EOI is not set immediately
after the ibwrt call. How do I know that EOI was
set after the last byte was sent in ibwrt? Also,
how does EOI get cleared? Incidently, the instrument
responds correctly to the bytes that I send, it's
just left in listening mode.

Also, when read bytes form the instrument (ibrd),
I get the requested number of bytes with no errors,
but the instrument is left in "talk" mode.

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Try using ibeos command to set 'end of sring'. Also your device might use delimiters like 'carriage return' which is '\r' or 'new line' which is '\n'.

Aromal Lilly
Aromal Lilly
Columbus, OH
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