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commands from numeric textboxes


      I am making a GUI that gets the data from SMPS and also sets the data to SMPS. I am using PMBus( protocol for digital control of SMPS. In my application i have taken some numeric indicators to control and monitor the SMPS. Set of numeric indicators are down to checkbox on white tab control which will use to control and configure the SMPS. More numeric indicators are down to the tabcontrol for monitoring(only read the values and display by sending the commands). For my apllication i have taken some 13 commands with command codes from the given PDF. So, i want to send Packet from each numeric indicator for getting the values back to display. More if user enter the value in any numeric box and send button will send the values what entered in that as well as clear will clear all the numbers in boxes.

                 Can any one help me how i can send commands from each numeric indicator. I tried from write box from front panel by enterting each command code in that everytime and its working fine way to display the respective answer in read box, but i need to send 13 commands all the time and need to get fresh values everytime. can any one give an example so that i can do for all the numeric indicators.

                   Thank you in advance.

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Your VI is exactlly the same as the one you originally posted in your original thread and in the new one you created. You've been given numerous suggestions on what to do, but have done nothing.

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As you said my VI is same on that occation but now what i want do is different. I am new to labview and find very dificult do to things. Every day searching web for examples and couldn't find so far, i am wasting weeks and weeks for getting one good result. You people are even frustrating me by telling these unrelated things. what is wrong with me :mansad:. Is that a big mistake, please some can help me.

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Discussion has been moved once again. Smiley Mad


Now it's back to the original thread, here:

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