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VISA troubles

I had posted a question about using microstrain devices and I finally had the opportunity to try out the supplied SDK with the microstrain hardware. I run the SDK and I get an error,


ERROR - 1073807202 Occurred at property node in VISA configure serial port (instr).vi - >


Possible reasons:


VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF009E) A code library req'd by VISA could not be located or loaded.




What does this mean, i installed the drivers as listed on th NI website and I have access to the express VI's in the block diagram, but I think this has to do with configuring the USB in the automation explorer. I opened the explore and cannot find how to configure usb inputs, I even followed the video listed on the NI website.

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It has everything to do with actually installing NI-VISA. If you had searched for the error code you would have found this common error.

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Hi Eli Hafitz,


Check out this Knowledge Base Article on Error -1073807202 : A code library required by VISA could not be located" When Communicating With Se...


Hassan Atassi
Senior Group Manager, Digital Support
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