Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

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Labview visa doesnt read my signals. I am getting different error while using visa. error 1073807360, 1073807339



I am trying to get 4 signals from my bluetooth  which is connected to a sensor. later on I need to analyze the signals for calculating heart beat and blood oxygen saturation. Anyway, labview doesnt read the data.  I have tried to check the connection with hyper terminal and it works properly.

The bluetooth which i am using has been used before with labview, so apparently labview supports it. I have checked all my port settings, baud rate and stop bits, everything is fine. First I was getting this error 1073807360 which is listed as unknown error and now I dunno how it is fixed and I am getting error 1073807339 during the whole program. I read something in the knowledge base about putting a time out value before reading, so i did and now I am not getting the error right in the begining but abit later I get it anyway. I would be grateful if you could check my program and see whats wrong. I have also attached the c code I am using for sending the data which is compiled in image craft.

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