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Using USB without VISA

Does anyone know how to communicate directly with a USB port without using VISA?  I'm trying to talk to a printer and get it to meter out a specific amount of ink (crazy chemist -- don't ask) and it doesn't seem like there is anything in VISA to let us do that.


Further, I don't believe that this printer supports the VISA API, but we do know the printer command sequences.  It seems as though we should be able to send commands directly to the port, but we don't know how to do that in LabView.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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If the printer command sequence can be realized only by one Bulk-OUT EP, one Bulk-IN EP, and some vendor requests (Control EP), NI-VISA and its USB driver may host the printer.  In this case, you can access the printer through Visa Write, Visa Read, and Visa USB Control Out/In functions, with a VISA USB-RAW session. To host the printer by NI-VISA, you need generate an .INF file that shall be used for USB driver installation.  The hint will be found at the site below:



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VISA is only the driver level.  It allows basic communicationw ith a device, it has nothing to do with the ACTUAL commands you might need.  You need to implement this part yourself.


VISA gives you the pen and paper, you have to write the novel yourself by implementing the specific commands using VISA.


Look over my nuggets HERE and HERE.



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