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Thermostream interface with Visual Basic 6?

Hi, I have an operator interface on hand to modify in order to include the control of Thermostream 4300A... So far I am new to VB6 and I only just knew that this interface require the creation of dll files. I would like to ask how to go about doing this files or is there an available Thermostream dll file already out there? I also have on heand the remote interface manual from Temptronics with device specific commands which i have no idea where to embed into.
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Thermostream drivers are available for LabVIEW
LabVIEW can generate a dll
You can call it from VB or even better learn a good test and measurement programming environment

greetings from the Netherlands
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Can you direct me to the Thermostream 4300A drivers, all I can find are the CVI not Labview drivers ?.
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Hey Haket,
All our drivers are found at idnet. Can you point me to where you found the CVI version, 'cause there's no links for it at idnet. Sometimes, you may be able contact the company that makes the instrument, and ask them if they have any of their own drivers for labVIEW, and if that's not possible, it's relatively simple to begin communication just using the commands found in the manual.
You should be able to find examples of how to do serial and gpib communication by going to (From labVIEW) Help->Find Examples->Click on the search tab->type in GPIB or serial. For GPIB communcation, you should be able to find, labVIEW<-> and for serial "Serial basic read and"
These are to great starting examples, and you just edit the example to work in the manner that you would like, and all the commands can be found in the user manual for the instrument.
Nick D.
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Hi Nick,

Thankd for the suggestions,

The CVI drivers I found through idnet:

> Sometimes, you may be able contact the company that makes the instrument, and ask them if they have any of their own drivers for labVIEW

Yep did that already and they dont have one available yet, just the two listed in idnet, they said a beta release may be possible though.

As for the GPIB option, thats what I'm using at present, but was hoping a better VISA driver may be available,

Thanks for the reply.


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You can usually create a LabVIEW driver from a CVI driver with the Driver Import Wizard. The wizard however, requires that a dll be created from the c code. The driver you found does not contain a dll. You might want to try posting to the CVI forum and asking if anyone can create the dll for you.
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