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SCXI-1001 Remote

I have a SCXI-1001 Chassis connected to a computer through SCXI-1349 and it is working fine but I want to able to use it (read and write) from another computer through existing LAN.  Is it possible ?  What should I do and what do I need ?  I have NIDAQmx 8.6 installed. 


Thank you.

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You could run the vi on the connected computer and via web acces control the vi.
greetings from the Netherlands
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I don't wish to control an application, but i wish to have access to max configuration.  In other words, I want to share my SCXI-1001 between 2 computers and 2 independent applications.  For exemple, an application is running on computer #1 and reading/acquire data from the chassis at the same time computer #2 is reading data from the same chassis.  Is it possible to share a chassis and its configuration over local network ?  Is it possible to control the chassis over local network ?


Greetings from Canada 🙂 


The schematic of the system I want to create in attachement.





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I know it is doable with visa and instrument access but not as far as I know with scxi
greetings from the Netherlands
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