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RS232 decoding

I am trying to read some parameters from a FADEC system in an engine via RS 232. What I have currently is a DOS program, which was written without any documentation (no info on the baud rate, parity, etc.). Due to some limitation, I want to use labview instead. However, for me to read stuff from the FADEC, I need to know the serial protocol needed. In other words, I need to know what the DOS program send to the FADEC for the system to give an output. I tried running the DOS program in one computer and labview (to read the output from the program) in a second computer and connect them two via RS232. The good news is I am able to see a constant sentence the DOS program is sending. The problem is the sentence consist of symbols that doesnt make sense.
I tried changing the baud rate, and some other parameters but still fails. Any suggestion on what should I try? I hope all the explanation above make sense 🙂
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You could try something like "portmon" from

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