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RS-232 Write Error

I am trying to communicate with a CRO through RS-232 Port. i send a query from hyper terminal *IDN?/13, CRO sends back the correct reply.

But i am trying to use Labview Basic Serial Write and, but it is giving Write Error (Error No.: -1073807298). All the parameters (like - baud rate, stop bit etc) of the RS-232 are set properly. 



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Are you sure that there is no other program that is using the COM port ?


What kind of com port do you use. USB to RS-232 ?



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Yes there is no other program that is using the COM port ?


Yes we are using USB to RS-232 converter, as there is no RS-232 port available on my PC.


we are using Moxa UPort 1110 USB to RS-232 converter.



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Try it with the 'VISA set buffer size' just after the port initialization and set the the Mask input to Rx and Tx buffer with the default size.


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Double check the flow control.


that "*IDN?/13 suggests to me that the XOff character needs to be sent.

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Some third party devices do not implement all serial settings on their USB to Serial adapters. This causes the VISA Configure Serial to generate error -1073807298 "Could not perform operation because of I/O error".

To avoid the problem, do not use the VISA Configure Serial in your program. Use VISA property nodes to set each property separately until you are able to determine which property is not supported by your device (you can open the Configure Serial Port VI to see which properties it sets). If the unsupported property is needed by your application you should contact the manufacturer of the device. National Instruments USB-Serial devices do not have this limitation.



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I am new to LabView and to NI. So please help me with this problem. I am trying to communicate and set the voltage and current limit to 2 power supplies using RS232 cable. I was able to do this with just one power supply. But when I connect a second power supply, it shows the error, -1074003951. Should I be making any changes when am using multiple power supplies?


Let me know if you need to look into my code.


Thanks in advance.


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Dear Shail,


How to use VISA property nodes to set each property seperately and how to determine which property is not  not supported by our device. How to open the configure serial port VI and see which property it sets?


Thanks for your valuable suggetions.



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