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PCI card types

PCI card types

I have to determine if I have the older full height PCI-GPIB cards or the newer half height cards in approx 100 test computers.  Can I determine which type it is by the using measurement and automation explorer to read the serial number? and how would I determine which type it is from the serial number?

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Re: PCI card types

-          Using the measurement and automation explorer you can read the serial number but you are not going to find information about the device in the web using this number. If you use the part number you can find information about a device, but you need to look for this number in the hardware, not in MAX.

-          This is a way to get information from the serial number: Programmatically List Firmware and Serial Number of Each Device

-          Other way to get information from MAX is: you look for your device under Devices and interfaces, right click>>help>>online device documentation.


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Re: PCI card types

Unfortunately fromm8 is correct, there isn't a good way to determine which card is being used though software.


I am curious why you need to differentiate between the two? Are you having problems with one, but not the other?


-Jason Smith

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