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NI MAX VISA Test Panel Connection Troubleshooting with Device



I have an SST-HV device (Smart Sensor Transmitter) from Transducer Techniques and am attempting to test command execution using the VISA test panel in NI MAX. For devices on other COM ports, I can execute commands and read data results just fine, but for this particular device, which uses the RS-232 standard for serial communication, I cannot. The SST-HV device appears in the dropdown list of devices in NI MAX, but when I open up the VISA test panel and choose one of the commands, I do not get any data back. I set the corresponding baud rate, data bits, parity, stop bits, and flow control according to the manual specifications, so those should be fine. 


What might be the issue? Is there another easy way to test RS-232 connection? I am new to both using this device and NI products. 


Side note: When testing command execution on other devices (not the SST-HV device), we were able to retrieve data. Thus, this problem stems from this specific device not NI MAX connecting to devices. The second screenshot is of the manometer device, which does work, hence the returned data. 


The first screenshot is the error we are prompted with when executing a command on the SST-HV device. The third screenshot is our connection specifications. 


- Noah

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Hello nstebbins


I was looking for something that might be related with that specific error you posted in one screenshot and I realized one document, however I believe is in Spanish, so I translate the description using google and might be useful for you. See below.



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Though that did not ultimately fix our problem, thank you for the help!

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Hello nstebbins


Are you completely sure you are receiving something from the device because we have a Timeout error there, so we can try to verify that using an oscilloscope or another device to double check the serial information.



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