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Modifying Keithley 2600 Driver Example Code

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Hi Craig, 


This code has worked for me for years, but is incompatible with the new Keithley 2600 Series driver.

I've tried to port it all over, but the "Channel" control seems to be missing. 


Could you help me to rebuild this with the new instrument driver?



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New driver?   Is it on NI page or Tektronix?  I'll have a look tomorrow.  I suspect they probably just renamed the control type def. for the channel and it should be an easy fix.



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I am also getting similar error with the new driver, I cannot find the control file. 


Could you help me with this error?


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Here you go.  The new driver is not a 1:1 translation of the old driver but a better implementation. You can't simply re-sue your old code with the new driver, so here's a modified example. 


Note the disclaimer about timing!  This isn't the best method to do this sort of thing, you really should use the internal sweep or instrument timing for faster measurements.





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