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How to read data from instrument (TOS9201) to computer using GPIB interface

Hi, I am having trouble transferring my measurement data from an instrument (TOS9201) to my computer. I would like to ask how should I code in LabVIEW such that I am able to transfer the data read in my instrument to an excel file in my computer.

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Here is a high-level guide to approaching your requirement,

  1. Find if there are LabVIEW drivers available for your instrument
    • If available, install it and try out the example code to ensure you can successfully communicate with your instrument
  2. If you're new to LabVIEW, go through the basics and specifically File I/O
  3. Now, put together a piece of code referred from the examples provided by your driver and the File I/O you learned in LabVIEW
  4. If there are no drivers available for your instrument, this is a great video to get started - VIWeek 2020/Proper way to communicate over serial - LabVIEW Wiki
  5. Note - do you definitely need an Excel file (.xls or .xlsx) or Excel compatible file such as CSV?
    • If you need .xls or .xlsx you need to get a Report generation toolkit (you have to purchase if you don't have) and learn the API for report generation
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This instrument has three ports that allow for remote control of the instrument.  Which one are you using or planning to use for the purpose of remote control?

  • RS-232
  • GPIB
  • Signal I/O

As it makes a difference as to what may be achieved and how concerning remote control.

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Which GPIB interface do you use?

For HP/Agilent or National instrument interfaces you best use the VISA interface. You need to install the drivers for these completely.

There are even more GPIB interfaces avalable so which one do you have?

greetings from the Netherlands
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I am using GPIB for remote control.


I am able to control the instrument using my LabVIEW interface, however, I can't seem to transfer the test results shown on the screen to my LabVIEW interface. I would like to ask if I am right for using the query command "MON?" to get the on-screen test results. If I'm right, how do I code my program? Because currently, the results given to me on my controller does not seem to match the results shown on my instrument.

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Please post your vi to better find out how to help you.

I downloaded a manual but did not yet found a good command.

greetings from the Netherlands
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