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Generate Documentation in Labview

I am looking for an 'easy' way to document my LV design and generate an html too.


I have looked through several methods and mostly concentrated on this:


However, every attempt I did failed. It might be because I am inexperienced and the guide isn't that clear too.


The steps I followed made sense to me somehow but still I got a text file only, only once.


A little guidance through the settings would be much appreciated.


Also, if there are any other possible solution, please state.


I want a html to look like LabViews' Help environment...



ps. I would rather not implement this in my design as I have no experience in xml or http, I wouldn't know how to employ this, and I have a small relatively time to document, hence the above vi to xml documentation


Thanks in advance,


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Out interest - do you have the Report Generation Toolkit - it is an NI LabVIEW addon, which I believe comes as part of the Professional Distribution.


There is a whole sub palette that is purely for documenting LabVIEW code which TBH I've never used, but the rest of the toolkit I use on quite a regular basis and it is superb so I'd expect it to be of a similar quality.



David Clark
IDEX Biometrics UK Ltd
Hampshire, England
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Thank you for the reply.


Unfortunatelly I do not have this palette. I only  have a VI to XML documentation tool and a documentation tool for updating the vi properties. The first I can't get working, which is what this post is about. The second one I have used because it is easy to use and makes the documentation process much faster.


At the moment I am generating an html file from the print options in LV and modify it with kompozer.


This is the only solution I have for now and  it actually works pretty well.


In terms of time consuption it depents on the outcome you want to achieve. For me, it can take up a fairly amount of time to put everything in order as I am using picture etc...








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