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Fatal internal error:memory.cpp,line 638

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memory errormemory errorRespected sir.

We have ni program based on visa ,its showing Fatal internal error:memory.cpp,line 638 error xwhen its in operation,earlier we used it in windows xp sp1,which worked fine and now when we have upgraded to windows 10,its having error and data will be deleted,Can you suggest or revert on the possible error?

We are using this in pharmaceutical IPC,sejong machine,korean,


--yogesh thakare

Application engineer,

Parle elizabeth tools pvt ltd.,

Mumbai (INDIA)

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Accepted by ytthakare

No no no no!!!, you made a mistake upgrading to Win10 directly from WinXP and still expecting an application written in LV 7.1.1 to work.


Two options,

  1. Go back to WinXP SP1
  2. Redevelop the application for Win10
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