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External Labview control for AD9959 evaluation board

Dear all,


I want to control the phase, frequency and amplitude of a 4 channel sine wave signal generator (AD9959/PCBZ- Evaluation board). For that, I want to use labview. But I am facing hardtime connecting my board with labview. I am basically following the reference given below for setting the frequencies using the labview.


Unfortunately, I could not find LabView library written by MIT group. step 1. and also not able to access it. If anyone has the Libray or the content of this link please kindly share here. It would be an enormous help.  


Attached  the sample labview files.


Best regards



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I worry this might be too late, but I have a working copy of the drivers and have been able to use them on Windows 7. I can control all the output variables of the board and even functions like sweeping if necessary. Hapy to share them if necessary!

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I am trying to control the AD9959 evaluation board from LabVIEW as well.  If those drivers are distributable, I could use a copy of them.

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