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Can NI9265 Current Source supply negative current?

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Hi, maybe a dumb question, but I need a current supply that can generate bipolar current for generating signals. I've been using an NI9263 voltage source so far and had no trouble with this, but need greater current capacity. The datasheet for NI9265 says current output is 0 to 20 mA. I'd like to know if this is positive current only, or the +/- was just omitted and it is bipolar. Thanks!

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It is a current loop output card. Typically in the automation industry 4mA represents the lower end of the range and 20mA represents the higher end of the range. 0mA is used to identify an open connection.


With this said, the current loop protocol uses only unipolar current, only +4mA to +20mA and not bipolar.


Looks like you're looking for a 4 quadrant power supply, especially an SMU.

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Thank you very much!

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