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Add carriage return when communicating via USB

Hi all,


so i've run into a problem where i need to add a carriage return (\r\n) to the end of all my commands in my VI.  I've been trying to figure out how to do this.  I found this , which gives a general idea of how do such a thing, but that is for serial connections.  


I made a property node, with TermChar En set to True, and TermChar set to '5'.  what do I hook up 'reference' to, because if I connect it to my resource name in my VI, the property node turns into the device-specific node, with different inputs/outputs.


Any ideas?

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use string concatenate with a second string that contains CRLF or in /mode /r/n

greetings from the Netherlands
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what strings would i concatenate though, since I need to add the return for every command

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I think a better way to phrase my question is, how do I go about adding that to all the commands?  I'm new to labview so it would be great if you had a step-by-step or a screenshot to help

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You now probably call a vi that sends data to the usb port.

Replace that vi by a subvi that does the same but also adds the CRLF combination before sending.

greetings from the Netherlands
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well what I am doing is running the example VI that came with the drivers.  The example VI's just goes down and calls a series of VI that came with the labview drivers, so I'm not sure if i can (or how) get to the part thats writing to the USB.


Is there something I can add to the main VI which would add CRLF to all the write strings?

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Which instrument driver are you talking to, maybe I can have a look at it.

greetings from the Netherlands
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I'm using a sorensen xg300 DC power supply.  Here is the download link to the drivers for that series of power supply:


Thanks so much for your help Albert



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