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Hi all!

I'm new in Labview. Will someone please tell me does STM32DiscoveryF4 integrate with Labview? If yes. please elaborate the procedure

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Heather Leffler asked and received this answer from NI's Leonard Nava:

I took a look at the device and it is an ARM Cortex M4 based device. 

We did at one point have this product, but it only supported up to Cortex M3 microcontrollers.

Not too many interested in buying  $9000 dollar software set to program a $20 dollar board.

I would say the answer is if you have LabVIEW already and need an embedded control system, to consider cRIO or sbRIO instead.


Leonard Nava
Senior Technical Representative
National Instruments

O +1.512.683.0104
Toll Free 800.433.3488 ext. 30104

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If you want to keep cost down for your hardware, you can look at the LINX add-on:

or the LabVIEW compiler for Arduino:


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But I need to integrate STM32DiscoveryF4 with Labview. Currently, I'm,

working with Matlab but due to some reasons, I need to shift on Labview. It

is the part of my Final Year Project and I'm stuck. I'll be obliged if you

help me with this.


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I would suggest that you call NI's customer support number, it's on their website. I assume that you have an active LabVIEW license number, that number entitles you customer support.

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