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Where is the https://www.labviewmakerhub.com/ website ?

Where is the labviewmakerhub website ?

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Have NI redirected https://www.labviewmakerhub.com/ to this forum?

The detailed help link for the LINX toolkit references pages on the server. 

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Typing www.labviewmakerhub.com into a browser get redirected back to here

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Seriously. OOF. Luckily somebody captured most (all?) of it on the wayback machine here: https://web.archive.org/web/20200908133445/https://www.labviewmakerhub.com/


Edit: From within Labview, help>Makerhub>LINX>Forums does bring up the Makerhub forum, which seems to be searchable and readable, and the pinout links still work as well.




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My goal was to start with the topic of NI FPGA/RT projects with LINX & BBB in my spare time at home as a preparation for work. But now it seems LINX is dead… So unfortunately I have to stop everything regarding LabVIEW FPGA and RT. I can‘t belief it …. ;-(

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Lets calm down a bit. Digilent and with it labviewmakerhub.com has been an NI subsidiary for quite some time already. They own that, fully and completely.


Linx however was an independent project, by people who seem to have had access to a few LabVIEW developers who helped to get the whole thing working (LabVIEW project extensions is an NDA feature that you are only supposed to know about after making a legally binding promise to not spill that knowledge anywhere, and even then it seems not trivial at all to do).


The labviewmakerhub.com site had early this year a prominent message at the top, that it is going away after August of this year and that the new canonical support site for it is in this forum here.


There is nothing conspiracy about this. The people running the labviewmakerhub.com site have long ago moved, gotten a new job, family stuff, or simply other more exciting projects. It was basically dead, with user questions lingering for months before some random person came along with some knowledge and decided to spend the time to give an answer.


NI clearly has no interest to have to monitor yet another site with potential user questions, especially if that forum is basically almost dead. Yes the disappearence of the tutorials is a real loss. NI will need to try to restore that in some way.


But after all, a project like LabVIEW Community Edition in general and Linx in special can only work with active user participation. Most users I have seen come to it, try something and success or not, move on to something else soon. If there is any activity it is about asking for help (a legitimate request) or complaining about things or demanding things (which I consider arrogant) but almost never about offering help themselves. There is not much of giving back to the community at all. If that does not pick up some more steam I can predict that it will all silently die.


LabVIEW Community Edition (and Linx) does not make any money in any way. It only costs NI to support and maintain it and all that for a very vague promise of potentially new LabVIEW users who may at some point in the future decide to want to use LabVIEW in their daily job for commercial projects.


As to your idea about FPGA and RT with Linx, I'm not sure what you refer to. LabVIEW on Linx is NOT a realtime system. On Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone Black it makes use of the same project plugin architecture that LabVIEW realtime also uses, but that's about it. The Debian Linux kernel installed on these boards as a chroot environment in which the LabVIEW runtime executes, does not contain the realtime extensions present in NI Linux for their RIO hardware platform.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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Hey guys,


I started LabVIEW MakerHub as a 'nights and weekends' project while working at NI.  I enjoyed playing around with new gadgets (Xbox Kinect, Hue lights, Wii remote controls, etc) and liked building LabVIEW APIs for them.  I started writing the LabVIEW Interface for Arduino (LIFA) for myself so I could  prototype with new sensors faster and visualize data.  I got to spend some of my 'day job' time on it as did another NI employee (Ben J.) and what we built and released exceeded all of our expectations.


After a couple years of feedback, updates and continued success of LIFA I pitched the idea of spending 100% of my day job time on building the MakerHub community and building LabVIEW APIs for fun gadgets.  NI saw the value and agreed and I spent a little over a year working on just that with tons of support from the other enthusiast at NI (too many to name, but you know who you are, thank you!).  The bulk of this time was spent writing LINX. 

As rolfk suggested, I chose to move to Digilent and brought MakerHub and LINX with me, but I took on many new responsibilities and LINX/ MakerHub didn't  get the attention I wish they did.  I've since moved on and unfortunately don't have any free time to spend on this stuff (maybe again one day :D).


Looking back, working on LIFA, LINX and the other MakerHub toolkits and interacting with the MakerHub community was easily the most  fun project I've every worked on.  I'm grateful that NI was supportive of the Maker community and allowed me to spend my time working on it.



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