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Running Linx RTexe on Raspberry Pi OS

Hi everybody,

I try to make a LINX deployment run on my Raspberry Pi. I need to have a runing OS with GUI at the same time though. I am using a Raspberry Pi 4 running Raspberry Pi OS with LV2020 Community Edition and the LINX version that comes with it.

Setting up the Pi with LV works very well. I can access the IOs and deploy the *.rtexe to the Raspi. I checked the filesystem, the *.rtexe is deployed.

Still, after setting the program to "Run as Startup" and rebooting, the OS boots with no sign of the LV-deployment being executed. Can someone help me with this? I am just at the my wit´s end.

Thanks in advance.

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How can you tell that the LabVIEW deployment is not running?  What are you using for your UI?  You will not se the VI running as Raspberry Pi VI deployments don't have a front panel.

David Wilt
The New Standard LLC
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I programmed the deployment to make a LED blink automatically to get heart beat. As Front panel I plan on using a NGX WebVI. Data interface between deployment and Frontpanel will be LV Webservice.


In the end I figured it out, why my Led was not blinking. Let's just say, it was very rookie mistake.


Thx for the support.



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