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Run Python Nodes on rPI 4

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It's not abandoned, but NI is a commercial company and its interest to commit investments in development are fairly directly proportional to the possible sales it provides. Linx and the Raspberry Pi delivere exactly 0 $ sales for them. So it receives attention when someone feels like it, not when a manager decides it should.

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But NI wants (wanted?) to enlarge the LabVIEW community and popularity...

If they give old tools to the community I don't get how they'll reach their goal...


Here the Linux image is almost ... 7 years old ! 😑

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Well, Linx was developed round 2013 to 2016. It was made possible by an enthusiastic individual who managed to convince some people at NI to let him do it and even got some time from his normal everyday job to spend on it (besides his own free time). He eventually moved to Digilent where he was working more on it, but every such initiative eventually looses steam, if it isn't supported by an active community. And while there were quite a few who were more than willing to use it for their work, there was very little interest to help with it. So it slid into a dormant sleep eventually until NI deciced to release the Community Edition and throw in the Linx Toolkit as an extra goody. But the Community Edition brings in exactly 0 $ so the effort they were willing to invest into this was limited. I suspect that it required some people to do a really good internal marketing speech to even get approval for it from the bean counters. And believe me it was far from nothing. Releasing something like the Community version is quite an operation and requires a lot of resources and time to get it all working. It could have been executed better with more resources allocated to it, but it was and is what it is. Hoping for more is always a possibility, but requesting for more has a high chance that it will be rather stopped altogether than improved, because that is the cheaper option.


And yes NI's ambition of "LabVIEW everywhere" from 20 years ago have not only aged but substantially changed. Their current take is more like, try to make it work in its niche and move on with the rest of the world in whatever they are doing.

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