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Reading multiple channels ARDUINO-LABVIEW

Good morning, I have a concern. I am in an ongoing project where we will be monitoring the water quality by means of temperature, ph, turbidity and some other parameters using sensors. To collect the data, we will use the analog inputs of an arduino board (one or mega). Then, via USB it will be taken to a PC to be connected with Labview and the different parameters will be monitored in there. Once the LINX library is installed, I can't find any documentation explaining how to acquire more than one analog signal at a time using the LYNX library. It would be helpful if someone could give an opinion on the viability of the project (if it is possible to take more than one analog input in arduino and bring it to LABVIEW for reading) and some clue of how the labview blocks would be for reading the different (5 or 6) analog inputs. Thank you very much,

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This post has an example of how to read multiple analog input channels.  As I stated there, it would be more efficient to do a multi-channel read but I am not sure if that is possible in LINX.

David Wilt
The New Standard LLC
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i had the same problem when i wont to read more than analog input the data is not stable and the problem is that the arduino need 100microseconds to do the conversion 

my solution was install a wait time of 2  milisecond  or more beteen analog read

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