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Linx support for Raspberry Pi Zero

Hi. Any chance to see Linx support Raspberry Pi Zero in near future? Would it even be possible? 



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It depends in what way you want to do it. As a remote device similar to Arduinos where you communicate over TCP/IP or RS-232 as a Linx device, this is fairly easy to realize. You would need to recompile the LinxListener executable for this target (in GCC) and probably make some minor source code modifications to the LinxRaspberryPi2B.cpp source file for this.

As a target to directly deploy LabVIEW Vis to, unfortunately not. The ARM CPU core in the Raspberry Pi Zero (and the original Raspberry Pi before the 2B) is not implementing the necessary ARM instruction set needed for the LabVIEW runtime.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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Ok, was aiming for directly deployment of vi's - but I understand the CPU limitations preventing this. Thanks for the clarification.

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