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Labview -Arduino Uno to IMU

Hey all,


I am running a Adafruit BNO055 IMU to Arduino UNO to Labview program. My goal is to get the acceleration data into a waveform graph using LINX. I have written the program as shown below and was able to get it to briefly run, getting acceleration data from the IMU. However it is no longer running and is only giving back zeros. There is no error being thrown.


The program was running up until the point that I transferred the USB connector to a teammate's computer who was running the same version of the code. However, now neither of our programs work. I understand that transferring the USB connection between computers is suboptimal and we will now stop doing that. We have gone through the LINX firmware wizard several time and have used the reset button on the UNO to no avail. 


Any help is appreciated,



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