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LabVIEW can't read the HCSR04 Ultrasonic sensor, Why? (LINX)

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Hi. I'm a basic user of LabVIEW. I program the sensor ultrasonic HC-SR04 in my LabVIEW (2022 Q3) but the reading of the sensor can't view in the LabVIEW. Do you know what the problem?


This is my LabVIEW program.



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FYI - it is not a 'LabVIEW' issue. All that LabVIEW does is communicate with the firmware running on Arduino over Serial port. It is the duty of the LINX firmware on Arduino to measure using SR04 and return the measurement over Serial port.


The LINX libraries for LabVIEW are responsible for encoding and decoding the communication between your LabVIEW application and the the LINX firmware on Arduino.


Do you receive any error popup? what exactly do you see when you run the code? have you selected the correct COM port and programmed the Arduino with LINX firmware?

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Thank you for your answer. I have solved the problem. It's due to wrong pins for DO and D1. It's upside down.

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