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Failed to deploy target settings

Hi, I am using the latest LabVIEW 2020 and Linx toolkit, in combination with a rPi4.

I've created an application (using webservices). The first time I deployed it, everything went fine, and the app succesfully runs on startup.


The 2nd time tried to deploy it, the deployment fails (failed to deploy target settings,Deployment completed with errors)

Then the connection to the rPi get lost. But I can choose to 'restart' the rPi. The I can try to 'connect' or 'deploy' again, but with the same error.


I am having the exact same problem as this guy :



Is there anybody that has some advice?


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Est ce que vous arrivez à vous connecter au RPI sans déployer le programme (clic droit - connect)?

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Hello, I ran into the same problem and some others about the actor framework at the same time...

Here are my 2 cents:


1- Once  your load is deployed and marked as startup, if you look inside the target beside the folder "Pi" thru SSH, you'll see the following "/lvuser/natinst/bin/Startup.rtexe. This is running just after bootup and it keeping us from stopping it within the project probably related to internal errors, and must be stopped to change project property load. The workaround I found in my case is to go by SSH and remove it with sudo rm Startup.rtexe. After a reboot I was able to connect to the target and put a new load in it because I did not have to stop the process from within the labview Linx project.


2-Actor framework had compiling problem, that said when I tried to run it on the target sometime it would give error about my actor not being in a executable state. So I cleared object cache and voila.


I hope it help some of us.




LV 2020



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That's a good tip! I'll try it tonight.

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Hi mart 22,


I didn't find file "Startup.rtexe" at the specified directory.

I tried to stop the labview service using "sudo systemctl stop labview.service"

But the error message still the same.

Can you help me





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This solution worked for my Beaglebone Black application. 


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